Project KONGOR Timeline
Project KONGOR Reaches First Major Milestones
A grand total of 1 000 000 matches played since August 2022.
January 5th 2023
Project KONGOR Enters Open Beta Testing
Project KONGOR publicly invites all players to start using the service.
August 5th 2022
Official HoN Servers Shut Down
The game first launched on May 12th 2010, running for a little over 13 years, before finally shutting down.
June 20th 2022
Project KONGOR Development Begins
Packet capturing starts and the first proof-of-concept is released. The proof-of-concept consisted of logging in and playing Plinko.
December 13th 2021
HoN's End-Of-Life Is Announced
Frostburn announces that the game will shut down on June 20th 2022.
December 13th 2021